Pregnant with Miss M photo shoot
                                                                                                                               Photo by Jennifer Jaques

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Dear Readers

Hi! I'm Kirstin. My oldest friends call me Kirdy. 

I Live in one of the most 

beautiful places in the world - 

The Sunshine Coast of Beautiful British Columbia. 

I'm 33 years old 

I've been with my childhood crush for over 15 years, and we got married  6 years ago.

We have two little girls, aged 4&6 with another little baby on the way

. We've owned our home

for 10 years, and

I've had my job at BC Ferries for 11. 

I'm very sentimental,

 creative & organized

& I love being a mom to our

two spirited daughters. And I'm building this website for them, so no matter what happens, they can always find this and learn from their momma. 

Dear Daughters
I am a strong, powerfully determined woman.
I am a good person with a kind soul.  
I am blessed by God. I am loved by your daddy. 
I am an excellent problem solver and am incredibly resourceful.
I have a quick wit and a quicker tongue, and it's known to get me   into trouble.  
I consider myself to be an 'old soul.' whatever it is, I'm one...
I am a recovering perfectionist, and I am inclined towards OCD tendencies, especially when I'm stressed out. 
I clean when I'm mad.
I am a mariner and I have a potty mouth. Sue me.
I am empathetic animal lover.
I accept my faults because they are apart of me.  
I am confident in my abilities but I can admit when I cannot do       something or do not know something.
I am incredibly grateful and thankful.
I am evolving.  The beliefs that I held before are not required to   move forward in my life. I can change my mind. I can let go.
I am an introvert and I'm okay with that.
All the things that I am are okay. they're good; they're great.
Just like all the parts that make you into you are okay. they're good; they're great, too.
 Dear Daughters, Know Yourself, and be Confidant. 

Home Sweet Home

Miss B the beach Bum
our backyard playground
This is a sunset from my work
Stunning west coast
Stunning westcoast sunset
one of our favorite places- the boat on powell lake
West coast sunsets powell river
local Totem pole
A sunset where I work
Beautiful West Coast
Orange sunsets on the west coast
stunning sunset